Sweet Beginnings Adoption recommends Little Blessings Adoption!

An adoption profile is a snapshot of a family hoping to adopt. It usually includes a “Dear Birthmother” letter, a description of the family, their community and pictures. The hope is that when presented to a woman looking for a family for her child, that your profile will be the one that stands out..that captures her eye and her heart and you will be the family that she chooses. I’ve seen profiles change rapidly over the past few years. There is the basic homemade with stock pictures and descriptions below each one to scrapbook mania and most up to date is the use of software made specifically to capture you and your family. I used to spend a hundred dollars a week sending over night hard copy profiles to other professionals so my families could be presented, now I just need to attach an e profile to my email. I recently listened to a panel of birth mothers respond to the question “What caught your eye to the family that you chose?” One woman said it was the letter..it provided a sincere understanding of what she was going through now, and most importantly what she might be going through later. Another was drawn to the silly unposed pictures of the immediate and extended family, it reminded her of her family and it felt comfortable to her. Your Adoption Profile is your first and most times only first impression. It’s important, and that’s why Sweet Beginnings Adoptions has decided to use and recommend Holly Erritt with Little Blessings Adoption Services – An Adoption Profile Service for new clients. It’s important when you are doing a presentation and you are submitting more than one family¬† that everyone is represented. Holly does a great job of capturing who each family is, and it’s been witnessed that when shown a stack of profiles – that families represented by her have been chosen more often. We’re happy to have met Holly and are looking forward to a successful relationship.

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