Jacob and Leslie full profile design.
Full Profile Sample of Paul and Michelle
Full Profile Sample of Brian and Kristen
Bradley and Stephanie
Jacob and Leslie
Paul and Michelle
Brian and Kristen
Bradley and Stephanie

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Your Adoption Profile may be THE most important aspect in your adoption pursuit. The Adoption Profile IS your first impression, and with some agencies the ONLY impression you will have to give expecting parents looking to plan an adoption. With most adoption professionals it is from your Profile that an expectant mother will select your family to be the one she wants to parent her child. Your Adoption Profile IS your major marketing tool in the adoption process and will determine more than anything if you will eventually adopt.

Your Adoption Profile should be 100% representative to who you are and that is why I work very closely with each and every client to create a Profile my clients feel comfortable with and is a true depiction of them, all while extracting things about your family that a birthparent may connect with.

I will create and design an Adoption Profile personally for you. I will provide assistance with content suggestions, text editing, photo selection, photo editing, and custom layout. We will work together to make sure your Profile is 100% uniquely you, honest and true, bringing out all of the best you have to offer the little blessing you will soon enjoy!

Having a website to network and market your family for adoption is helpful and will give you exposure and opportunity. However, by giving a Profile book to the birthmother, birthfather, and their extended families to view, you are providing them the comfort to look at your family information and photos whenever and as often as they want to. Many expecting parents who may be considering an adoption for their child do not have a home computer or internet access so they are not able to view Adoption Profiles online. A Profile book an expecting mother can hold, share and look at in the privacy of her own home can be critical while she is making this extremely important decision.

As an adoptive parent of two, I can tell you I consider my work to be such a tremendous blessings, and I look forward to working with you on your Adoption Profile in the near future.

Adoption Website Design $600
Adoption Profile Design: $900
Adoption Pass Along Cards: $200 (1000 double sided cards with custom design)
Adoption Brochures: $100 and up
Adoption Profile Review: $300

As an additional service I can arrange printing and binding for you. Please contact me to discuss your personal Adoption Profile needs today.

Hard Bound Adoption Profile Sample
Soft Bound Adoption Profile Sample
Ribbon Bound Adoption Profile
Spiral Bound Adoption Profile Book

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