18 Key Questions to Ask a Surrogacy Program

Choosing the right surrogacy program will take time and research. As you consider your options, ask the relevant questions from the list below. Keep records of each program’s answers to help you make your final decision.

surrogacy program
  • How long has your program been in operation?
  • How do you recruit surrogates?
  • What medical screenings do you perform? Do you test the surrogate and her partner?
  • What are the average costs? What is the fee payment structure?
  • How are surrogates’ expenses handled? Is there a cap on these expenses?
  • Does the program offer psychological screening and counseling to all parties, including the carrier’s partner?
  • Will the IVF and other medical procedures take place on-site, or do you work with local physicians and hospitals?
  • How many babies have been born through the program?
  • What kind of contact between the surrogate and the couple is typical?
  • Can we be present at the birth?
  • What type of legal counsel is offered to us and to the surrogate?
  • Do you offer adoption finalization services, if needed?
  • If the carrier does not get pregnant over a certain number of cycles, what is your refund policy?
  • If the carrier has a pregnancy loss, what are our financial obligations?
  • Is the fee different if the carrier has a multiple pregnancy?
  • Does the program maintain medical histories of the surrogates or the children?
  • Do you have a registry for the carrier and the child to exchange information when the child reaches maturity?
  • May I speak with a few current or past clients?

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