Parents Share: Birth Sibling Connections

We asked "Does your child have a birth sibling who lives with another adoptive family?" Parents respond and explain how they keep in touch (or why contact isn't possible).

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On our Facebook page (, we asked readers, Does your child have a birth sibling who lives with another adoptive family? Are you in contact with that family? Here’s what you said:

Yes. We live about three hours away, but get together as often as possible. We love them so much! They are our family. The girls are still young, so it’s just their ‘normal.’ Their next visit is in two weeks, and we’re planning a huge Disney trip together.” —REBECCA

Yes. My daughter’s four older siblings were adopted by another family. We have a relationship with them. They came to her birthday party a few months ago.” —TINA

My son has four biological siblings who have all been adopted by families in Canada. We get together at least once a year, and they also Facetime each other.” —KERRI

Yes. We are one big ‘new normal’ family. We visited their birth mother together.” —KARI

Yes, my two youngest also have two younger siblings that are in another adoptive home about 15 minutes away. We get together at least once or twice a month and help each other out with babysitting or long weekends.” —MSMBKJG

We try, but the other parent is not very responsive. We send gifts and pictures on social media. That is all we can do.” —TOM

There is an older sister, but the family that adopted her has refused contact with us. We don’t even know their names. But we know that they live in the same city as us. We have not told our two adopted sons (biological brothers). It is very distressing and sad for us.” —LAURA

Sadly, not any more. My son’s biological brother decided he didn’t want contact any more when he reached adulthood. Although we respect his right to decide this, it has been hard on my son as he was the only biological relative he had contact with. It’s always such a balancing act keeping your child in touch with his roots but, at the same time, wanting to protect him from further hurt. We have stayed in touch with the adoptive parents and kept all channels open in case my son’s brother changes his mind about contact in the future.” —SUSY



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