"My Favorite Adoption Memory"

Adoptive parents and adoptees shared their favorite adoption memories from the past year, including first Mother's Days, finalizing adoptions, and gaining access to open records.

photo shared by an adoptive mom, capturing her first skin-to-skin with her new baby

On our Facebook page (facebook.com/adoptivefamilies), we asked readers, Can you share your favorite adoption memory from the past year? Here’s what you said:

“The first skin-to-skin with our son [pictured above]. At that moment, I felt like his soul was saying, ‘I found you, Mom.’” —STEPHANIE

“One day, while a friend was over for lunch, my six-year-old opened up that she was adopted. Her friend said, ‘Oh, so that’s not your real mom.’ My daughter immediately replied, ‘This is my real mom,’ as she looked into my eyes. Then, we both answered questions so her friend understood our adoption language. It was meaningful to me!” —CAITLYN

“In October we adopted our sibling set of four and completed our family. I haven’t breathed this easy in six years! I pinch myself daily that I get to be their mom.” —ELIZABETH

“The state of Pennsylvania passed a law allowing adult adoptees to have access to their original birth certificates, so I will finally have access to mine! No longer will we be treated like second class citizens.” —KAYLEEN

“My favorite memory was my first Mother’s Day as a mom. Nothing outlandish. Just being part of that club after years of wanting to be meant the world to me.” —KELLY

“At a court date for my foster son, his father showed up. Before the session, he sat and shared his heart with me. He was there to request termination because he wants his son to stay with us. Although we have a long way to go, that moment will never be forgotten.” —ASHLYNN

“I was adopted at three days old. I am 32 now, and my momma has supported me through all my trouble, defiance, and rough spots. Last year I was accepted into law school. That wouldn’t have happened without her.” —TIERRA

“Returning to Guatemala with our son. What an amazing trip back!” —KELLY

“My favorite adoption story from last year is one of no adoption at all. Last May, we got a call from our agency asking if we would consider an older baby. We were open to this, but grateful that we worked with an agency that put the mothers and birth families first. They found the mother temporary housing, food assistance, and child care so she could get back on her feet and keep her family whole. My second favorite story of 2016 was when our daughter was placed with us two weeks later, and we have a wonderful relationship with her birth mom.” —JEN

“We had one judge throughout our latest placement, but she moved to a different court after TPR. When it was finally time for our adoption, we returned to our assigned court with a different judge—and found that our previous judge and her clerk had come to attend the hearing.” —CATHY

“Holding our son for the first time. Best moment of my life!” —JESSICA


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