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Elizabeth Curry with some of her children featured in May M. Tchao's documentary Hayden and Her Family.

“It Takes No Special Power to Love a Child”

“It Takes No Special Power to Love a Child”

As she anticipates the release of her documentary Hayden & Her Family, the filmmaker reconnects with the mother of 12 she profiled to discuss special needs adoption, parenting outside “normal” boundaries, and how loving a child changes you.

Jillian Lauren with her son, Tariku.

[BOOK EXCERPT] Everything You Ever Wanted

In this excerpt from her candid, hilarious, inspiring adoption memoir, Jillian Lauren explains how she and her husband addressed their son’s trauma and special needs and turned things around for him at home and at school. Accompanying the excerpt is a Q&A with the author.

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Should I Adopt a Child with “Special Needs”?

Peg Studaker, supervisor of the Waiting International Child Program at Children’s Home Society and Family Services, in Minnesota, says: “Parenting children with special needs should be a family’s first choice. Adopting a special-needs child should never be a second choice because the family could not get the child they really wanted to parent.”